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Quiz Higher or Lower Reece Witherspoon artwork 2

Nothing shifts a product like a celebrity endorsement. Look at Weight Watchers and Oprah’s incredible weight loss. And nothing damages a product like a failed celebrity endorsement. Look at Weight Watchers and Oprah’s incredible weight gain.

Before the crypto winter, celebrities rushed to promote the sector, leading investors to shoulder big losses. But which celebrities have been giving the worst advice? It’s time for a fun game of Higher or Lower!

Check the bottom of the page for answers.

Question 1

In January this year, actors Gwyneth Paltrow and Mila Kunis urged women to dismantle the bro’s club and invest in the crypto market. How much has Bitcoin fallen since 1st of January? Higher than 40% or lower?

Question 2

Gwyneth Paltrow also advertised Bitcoin in December 2021 as part of a paid promotion for Cash App. Did Bitcoin end the month higher or lower?

Question 3

In October 2021, Matt Damon compared buying cryptocurrency to some of history’s greatest achievements in an ad for “History is filled with almosts”, said Matt. “With those who ventured, who almost achieved, but then it proved to be too much.” How much did Matt almost wipe out his followers’ funds? In the last 12 months, has Bitcoin dropped by higher than 60% or lower?

Question 4

In February, crypto took another step towards the mainstream when comedian Larry David promoted the exchange FTX during an advert for the Super Bowl. How much has Bitcoin fallen since the 1st of February? Higher than 50% or lower?

Question 5

In December 2021, actor Reese Witherspoon tweeted “Crypto is here to stay.” How much has the price of Bitcoin fallen since? Higher than 70% or lower?

Question 6

In June 2021, Kim Kardashian encouraged her 250 million Instagram followers to invest in EthereumMax tokens. How much booty would her followers have lost since? Higher than 95% or lower?


1 – Higher! Female investors who followed Gwynnie and Mila’s advice would have lost 58%. But so would the men, so it’s a win for equality.

2 – Lower! Goops, she did it again! Bitcoin lost 19% in December.

3 – Higher! Following Matt’s advice would have lost you 63% on your Bitcoin investment. As he no doubt laughed on his way to the bank, “There’s one Bourne every minute.”

4 – Trick question! It’s dropped by almost exactly 50%. I guess when it comes to crypto, Larry should have curbed his enthusiasm.

5 – Lower! The price has dropped a mere 65%. Still, it seems like Reese won’t just wither your spoon, she’ll also shrivel your financial dreams.

6 – Higher! The price has crashed 98% since, leading some investors to launch legal action against her. Meet the Kardashians? Okay, but I’m leaving my wallet at home.