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China Correspondent: Unbiased report on the Housing market

From the heart of Beijing, our China Correspondent, standing with the appropriate amount of reverence, reports on the state of the real estate market. “First and foremost, praise be to the ever-flourishing CCP and the exalted leader Xi Jinping,” the correspondent begins, the cheer in their voice a stark contrast to the empty new developments crowding the skyline behind them.

“As for the rumors of a ‘worsening real estate market’ spread by the dubious Western media—nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, these ghost towns… I mean, these promising developments are being masterfully managed, in line with the grand vision of our esteemed government,” they continue, eyes flicking to a prompter off-screen.

The correspondent wraps up quickly, the smile plastered on their face never reaching their eyes. “So, there you have it. The market is as robust as our iron-willed dedication to the Party. Can I go home now?” they blurt out, the camera cutting away hastily to a shot of the Great Wall, standing unyieldingly—much like the official narrative.