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Dr Doom Treads on Dr No's Toes

Planet Crypto, and indeed the world, was astonished to learn last week that failed economist Nouriel Roubini intends to launch a Crypto currency under the laughably hubristic Atlas Crapital. Having acquired the nickname “Dr Doom” from his repeated failed predictions of financial markets collapse, he has conveniently forgotten his attacks on Crypto, including his infamous comment: “There are seven Cs of crypto- “Concealed, corrupt, crooks, criminals, con men, carnival barkers and finally, CZ.” The latter, of course, being the leader/undisputed gang boss of Binance.

Unsurprisingly, CZ, who is not a Bond villain, and does not wish to be mistaken for Dr. No (even though he lives in his continuously-circumnavigating-the-world-not-ever-having-to-go-into-port ship.) was unsurprisingly upset. “How can this third rate hypocrite dare to enter the market that I control. I remind him that I do not tolerate competitors and imitators.  Remember FTX …hahaha. His pathetic attempt to become a supervillain, sorry, I mean an honest crypto operator is even taken to the limit with his self styled “Dr Doom” title which is clearly a rip-off of the Bond villain title that I do not use.