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Financial Experts Who Are Brilliant at Predicting Events Once They’ve Already Happened.

This week’s Past-radamus is popular analyst Peter Brandt.

He said a glance at the post-technicals would have predicted the Terra/LUNA’s recent crash – as there was a classic head-and-shoulders pattern in the charts.

‘It’s spooky,’ opined Brandt. ‘But my analysis accurately predicted the disaster several weeks after it happened.’

‘I must have some psychic power. I’m like John Edward.’

Stunned by his ‘abilities,’ Planet Crypto asked if he could predict this week’s Lotto numbers.

He said he could tell us what the numbers were three weeks ago… before consulting a newspaper from three weeks ago.
Astonishingly, he got the numbers correct.

We further tested him on his predictive powers, asking him to turn his attention to global events.

Clutching his temples, he consulted the spirits, saying ‘I confidently predict there was a war which began in 1939. With a European dictator in Central Europe. Possibly Germany…

‘…And in Gettysburg in 1863, I’m sensing …there might be an armed struggle. Between Union and Confederate forces…’

Stunned by his ability to harness supernatural forces, Brandt opined, ‘…I’m good at this, aren’t I?’
Before grinning, and saying, ‘Is that enough? To justify my over-inflated salary as an analyst?’

Past-radamus. Because the Markets are Easier to Predict in Hindsight.