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Kardashian tells accusers to butt out

Lawyers for Kim Kardashian have argued that a class action lawsuit brought against her by investors should be dropped because her promotion of EthereumMax tokens should not have been taken seriously.

In 2021, reality star Kardashian shared the launch of the token with her then 228 million Instagram followers. When the price collapsed, she was accused of promoting a “pump and dump” scheme.

Speaking exclusively to Planet Crypto, her silver-tongued attorney, Jackie Shine, disagreed. “My client got rich from reality TV. She got richer by marrying a money cabinet called Kanye. She got richer again by divorcing his ass. To say that behoves her to give reliable advice on complex financial instruments? That’s a big jump, my friend.”

Kardashian’s lawyer instead argues that responsibility falls on investors to choose the right source of advice.
“Would you go to Vitalik Buterin for beauty tips? If you want a picture that breaks the internet, do you ask Michael Saylor to take out his ass? No. Then why do you expect Kim Kardashian to know which coins to buy on the basis that she’s got a fine ass? Hell, Michael Saylor can’t even give you good coin advice and that IS his job.”

Shine also defended former boxer, Floyd Mayweather, who used his own celebrity status to promote the token.
“It is not fair to blame Mr Mayweather for what he said. This man’s job, for 21 years, was to be repeatedly struck on the head. Is this a brain you should take advice from? I asked him after a fight what he wanted to eat, and he said, ‘Tuesday.’ Now you’re mad at him for not understanding DeFi?“

Planet Crypto put it to Shine that this was unfair characterisation of boxers, perhaps to deny his client’s culpability. Another former boxer, George Foreman, is a respected businessman and inventor, for example.
“It’s true, George Foreman invented a grill. But do you know what he was trying to invent? A new type of duvet. I guarantee you that right now that George Foreman is at home, lying in a bed full of grills, wondering why he’s not comfortable.”

Returning to Ms Kardashian, the lawyer insisted, “No-one with any sense would take her advice seriously. Kim’s lips are fake, her eyebrows are fake, her nose is fake, her cheekbones are fake – why would you take her advice at face value when you can’t even take her face at face value?”