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First Lady Of The States of America (FLOTSAM) Enterprises is proud to present The 1776 Collection, a limited issue of NFTs from the lazy mind of Melania Trump.

Lovingly crafted by artisans steeped in the artistic tradition of “Cut and Paste”, the collection showcases breathtaking stock photos of The Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and other landmarks that capture the very essence of the first lady… cold, unyielding and stony-faced.

Each image is truly unique (if you’ve never seen a photo of Mount Rushmore or the Statue of Liberty before), and has a guaranteed scarcity, as you will be one of the few people on earth to pay $50 for a copy of something that’s on the internet for free.

Emblazoned with inspiring messages such as “With Liberty and Justice for All”, the cards are destined to soar in price once a second Trump Presidency makes such cherished ideals a rare collectors’ item.

Purchasers of all 5 NFT images will receive a free 6th image, which will also serve as digital ID that exempts you from detention during the post-election purge.

Invest today in The 1776 Collection, a showcase of digital art befitting our First Lazy.

A proportion of each sale goes towards foster children.

*The proportion is -10%. For each $50 sale, foster children will owe FLOTSAM Enterprises $5.