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After National Geographic was roundly criticized by subscribers for its foray into the world of NFTs – we at Planet Crypto have decided onto jump on the bandwagon, and design its own unpopular, ill-considered digital art.

The Nat Geo collection was called ‘Good Morning: Daybreak Around the World’ – and features images by National Geographic’s leading photographers, taken from around the world.

Whereas ours is called: ‘Good Morning: Tempers Rise around the World.’ And it features images of angry National Geographic subscribers, fuming all around the planet.

From African to Finland, we have images of Nat Geo fans cursing the day their beloved magazine messed up its NFT launch.

Our skilful cartoonist, Ian Baker, has beautifully captured the moment when the geographic magazine aficionados realize they’re being peddled a duff product.

See the Nat-Geo-gers mid-yell, as they bawl – ‘these NFTs have no intrinsic value’, and ‘how much energy was burnt minting these stupid things?’

And instead of showing images of global daybreaking – we are showing images of global screens breaking… as angry Nat Geo fans put their fists through their terminals.

It’s a wonderful opportunity.

And just like all the best NFTs, we can also promise technical glitches, financial extortion, poor communication and massive disappointment.

Go on!!! – if you’re going to waste your money, give it to us. You know it makes sense.