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Welcome to Planet Crypto where we put a spotlight on the weird and wonderful goings on in the world of Crypto and finance. We highlight the antics of crypto bigwigs, entrepreneurs and plain old criminals and the never ending conflict with capricious and self-interested regulators

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If you’re expecting bland and lifeless reports, you’re barking up the wrong tree, mate! Our newsletters pack a punch that’ll make your gray matter dance. Stuffed with satirical articles and unfiltered commentary, our newsletters aren’t just about crypto; they’re about shaking up the status quo.

Planet Crypto Art

Want to be in the front of the queue for Planet Crypto art, delivered by world class illustrators, delivered in either digital or physical form? Forget the Mona Lisa and indulge yourself with our Trump Trading card collection, accompanied by our all to real “Stop Trumps” playing card game. Our artwork is also available in print format.

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Meet like minded crypto enthusiasts and creatives and engage in mind expanding discussions. Connect with our satirically savvy community and help us forge the Planet Crypto vision. This is the place to sign up for our Trump Trading cards.