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Excitement abounds as the Crapties approaches… Yes, our awards for the very WORST in Web 3.0.

And astonishingly it looks like Hollywood Superstar Matt Damon will get three nominations..

For ‘Tipster of the Year,’ ‘Villain of The Year’ and ‘Matt Damon of The Year.’

After his ‘Fortune favours the Brave’ comments in the disastrous ads – he has also found that ‘Misfortune favours the Idiotic.’

And here is Matt himself to talok usb through his lack of financial success..

PC – Matt, thanks for joining us.

MD – No problem. I wish it was the Oscars but a free night out is a free night out.

PC – Now Matt, you actually won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting

MD – I did.

PC – And you were the star of the hugely popular Jason Bourne films. But critics panned your latest role in an ad for the exchange where you encouraged people to buy crypto. What went wrong?

MD – Well the market falling 70% didn’t help.

PC – Did you use Will Hunting’s maths genius to work that out?

MD – No, I just pretty much read my hate mail. But look, there were script problems on the project from the start. For one, I couldn’t work out what genre cryptocurrency is. Is it a comedy? Like, a big joke? Is it a tragedy?

PC – I guess it depends when you bought.

MD – There is that. Is it a Western with all the lawlessness going on? Is it a chilling, dystopian future?

PC – What did you decide?

MD – I played it as if it was an adventure with a happy ending.

PC – Oh dear.

MD – Yeah. I mean, it was a happy ending for me because I was paid in dollars, but otherwise, yeah.

PC – In the ad, you liken buying crypto to entering the space race.

MD – I did. I guess I forgot that some rockets blow up on the launch pad.

PC – Hey, you know what you should have done instead? An ad for Apple computers. Then you could have said, “How do you like them Apples?”

MD – Ha! That’s great. I haven’t heard that joke for at least 15 minutes.

PC – Well we’ll find out on November 29th whether you deserve to be crowned Villain of the Year. What will you be wearing on the red carpet?

MD – People have suggested I wear some stocks. Or a dunce’s hat. But I think I’ll wear a vinyl suit, something I can wipe the eggs off easily.

PC – Thanks for being a good sport.

MD – Hey, you gotta take the rough with the smooth.

PC – One thing before you go, Matt… it’s not your fault.

MD – Now hold on…

PC – It’s not your fault, Matt.

MD – I know what you’re trying to do here.

PC – It’s not your fault.

MD – You’re trying to recreate the end of Good Will Hunting where I break down in the arms of my therapist.

PC – It’s not your fault.

MD – This is not going to work.

PC – It’s not your fault, Matt.

MD – WAA-HAA-HAA. (sobs) I didn’t know it was going to crash.

PC – Come here. It’s not your fault.

MD – I just did it for the money.

PC – It’s kind of your fault.