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Solana, the unreliable blockchain that’s gone down 8 times this year, is launching the Solana Saga, a web 3.0 ready phone. So what will it be like? Given Solana’s regular outages, Planet Crypto imagines Solana Saga adverts to be like this…

SOLANA SAGA!!! The phone that puts the power of the Solana blockchain in your hand!!!

  • Works some of the time.
  • Cuts out when most inconvenient.
  • Flip design. Flipping annoying performance.
  • Compact size leaves room in your pocket for small change – handy for when you need to use a payphone instead.
  • Heartrate app tracks frustration with Solana.
  • Selfie camera to capture those ‘Why the hell did I buy this?’ moments.
  • Connects to TV and laptop and stops them working too.
  • Voice assistant – just say, “Hey Solana, call an ambulance now, I’m having a heart”, and when the blockchain’s back up next week, it will.
  • No more worries over whether your phone will stop being supported in future. It isn’t supported now.
  • Available on Orange, One-to-One, Sprint and other networks that no longer function.

The Solana Saga – Saga by name, Disaster by nature..