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Technology boffins have hailed a major advance in Meta’s virtual reality technology, despite huge losses for the company in 2022.

Planet Crypto’s metaverse correspondent, Tex Upport, explains, “Reality Labs, the company’s metaverse division, lost $13.7 billion in 2022. But Mark Zuckerberg is pleased with their progress. Tech experts agree that this can mean only one thing….

…Reality Labs has created a virtual reality so convincing, Zuckerberg himself can no longer tell reality from fantasy. Maybe it’s a virtual world where gum costs $13.7 billion, so this is a trifling loss to him. Maybe it’s an upside-down world where fish swim in the sky, men give birth to babies through their nostrils, and losses are profits. Whatever, the environment he has created where everything is going brilliantly must be so realistic, the experience now stays with him even when he takes the helmet off and speaks to real shareholders.”

“I’ve not tried this miraculous new headset yet, but I can’t wait”, continued Tex Upport. “I particularly look forward to a world in which Facebook is a social utopia where I can hang out with my friends and not a glorified advertising service where shouty arseholes tell me to buy their course in creating a passive income. That’s a world we can all look forward to.”